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ruins of temple against clear blue sky

Stonehenge/photo by Pixabay on

You can watch livestream coverage of the Solstice sunset, and then about 7 hours later, the sunrise at Stonehenge, via English Heritage (which administers Stonehenge) on Facebook. Check the link to calculate your local time.

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Hi Everyone. A Druid Way is nearing the end of a major cycle. I’ve been blogging here for 9 years, and Solstice is good time to take stock. So please do let me know in your comments and suggestions your thoughts about this blog. I look forward to hearing from you before June 30, when I’ll make the decision about continuing.

Your support will encourage me to keep going. Likewise, only a few responses will signal that it’s indeed time to shut down the blog.

Should I continue blogging at A Druid Way?

What kinds of posts have been most useful to you?

Are there specific topics you’d like me to look at?

Any other comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Posted 20 June 2020 by adruidway in Druidry

8 responses to “Solstice Feedback, Please!

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  1. Hello, Dean, I will answer your questions as best I can.

    Ultimately you are the only one who can decide whether or not this blog should continue. It takes a commitment of time and energy to keep up with blogging, and sometimes we need focus our resources elsewhere. This life can be demanding of us.

    The series of posts you have done about Jesus and Druids, others where you have looked at druidry and christianity in an open minded way have been the most beneficial to me by far.

    Rather than wishing for specific topics to read, I prefer the random surprises tha come about when a sentence or a paragraph click into place with some idea or mental puzzle I have going on at the time. Or when I read something you have posted and the light comes on.

    Other thoughts, first I will say thank you for all the time and effort you have put into writing this blog. Also, for the more open exploration and gentle discussion of some topics that much too often get completely bogged down in a stalemate of name calling and other unpleasantries. It has been very helpful in sorting through my own way about this druid walk.

    Again, thank you.

    • Steve, I appreciate your detailed response. It’s good to know when and how these posts and topics have or haven’t connected with others. The Druidry and Christianity intersections I’m still exploring, as you know, over at the Facebook site by that name. Thanks again!

  2. Hi there –

    I’ll echo Steve’s thoughts but add that I hope you continue. Admittedly, I occasionally have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and bail on a post but it’s mostly because I’m being lazy and don’t want to do the necessary work to figure it out… Laziness aside, I really enjoy your range and the thought you put into so many things. Yours is one of the most humane blogs I’ve encountered. Gentle, thoughtful and thought provoking. I’ve abandoned a lot of blogs in the last year or so but will read yours as long as you care to write.

    Thanks for all the effort you put into it – it shows and it is appreciated.

    Denise LeGendre
    • Denise, I appreciate your generous response. I do a lot of thinking out loud on the blog, as it often shows, and sometimes subsequent posts clarify previous ones. Still working on that! Thanks again.

  3. I joined OBOD only a month ago and discovered this blog around the same time. Your writing reminds me of the potential that I saw in paganism when I first started looking into it in 2018. The depth and honesty of your approach, your clear focus on contemplation backed up by experience, and the beautiful way you express your thoughts all reassure me that this is not a path that can only ever be “fluffy” or LARP-ish or reactionary, as I sometimes fear. I borrowed some of your words to open my solstice vigil this year.

    I know it must be tough writing with so little in the way of engagement, and if you decided you had written enough, I would still be grateful for your back catalogue. But should you decide to continue, I will be checking back regularly to see how your thoughts and practice develop, (“thinking out loud” or otherwise) so that I don’t become complacent in my own.

    • WoodfortheTrees, thanks for your generous comments. Good to hear that what I feel is important is coming across in my posts, and that it’s helpful to a new Druid (or at least a new OBODie) as well. Glad too that you found inspiration for your Solstice vigil. Thanks again.

  4. I have only been fleeing and reading yummy blog for a short time and I find that your cadence calls to me and helps me to reconnect with myself. Your witing helps me to clear the arbs fin my easy and reconnrct with the cycles of the universe. I hope you decide to continue, if not, wel I thank you fuller what you for what you have given.

  5. Var13, thanks for your comment. Looks like autocorrect interfered with a few words here and there.

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