Tree Prayer   4 comments

Tree Prayer

Oak, shade my path. I welcome your wisdom.
Birch, green my way. I call on your courage.
Hemlock, heal my heart. I fast under your foliage.
Pine, scent my dreaming. I gather your gifts.

Tree companions all, I seek the shelter of your boughs.
May my days make return for your abundance.

/|\ /|\ /|\

I’m still working on and tweaking and listening to this prayer, as I say it out under the trees. I suspect we’re composing it together.

I invite you to try out this prayer — really out — outdoors, and to post your experiences, revisions, smoother versions, and so on.

/|\ /|\ /|\

4 responses to “Tree Prayer

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  1. This has been rolling around in my head for a few days now, trying to localize it with species native to my environment (hemlock and birch are the pretty rare at best). Haven’t quite gotten there yet.

  2. Steve, that’s a challenge we face, and a good one, too — adapting such things to our local environment. I’m considering, as part of my OBOD Ovate work, composing an alliterating set of tree prayers for more of the trees here in VT. So many things to “taste and try”!

  3. This really speaks to me. I’m going to work with it a bit for myself. Oak, birch and pine pretty perfect as you’ve written them. I feel some others calling to me though.

  4. Krista, that’s perfect. A tree prayer should encourage just those kinds of expansions, changes, awarenesses of place and all it holds. Let us know what you experience, if appropriate to share!

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