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bard-with-luteBard-twoYes — at it again. A rough draft of a novel in 30 days. 50,000 words. No, you don’t need a concept or a website like National Novel Writing Month — Nanowrimo for short — to write any time. But the sense of a community and a horde (300,000 people online qualifies as a horde in my book) of other writers madly hyped on caffeine or other stimulant of choice, all tapping and scribbling out uncensored, fervent prose, can help stir the synapses towards actually getting the words down. Think of it as one possible demonstration of Bardic arts.

nano15pic“Not a problem for you — after all, you maintain this blog, right?” you say. Try 1667 words a day of fiction for a month. Not such an impossibility– serious writers often set something like that as their daily word limit every day of their writing lives. Never done something like it? It can firm your resolve or leave you in the dust. I’ve been in both places. “So how ya doin’ so far?” you ask. Well, everybody starts small. That’s an hour’s work. Onto the rest of the month!

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Images: bard on left; bard on right.

3 responses to “Nanowrimo 2015

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  1. I’ve got about 1/3 of a novel written from Nanowrimo ’09. My life shifted so much as a result of beginning that novel for three weeks that multiple relocations, career expansion, and a new relationship later, I’m still catching up. In a good way, but sheesh, layers upon layers of changes in my “real” life were required in order to continue writing that particular novel. I’m hoping with this most recent expansion and anchoring of knowledge, skills, awareness and an actual writing office that Nanowrimo ’16 will happen here. Magic 7 or something like that! Many blessings to you in your month of dedicated writing!

  2. Wow–talk about transformation and a catalyst! Thanks for the good wishes, and right back at you. And a writing office! I use a converted entryway that’s big enough to turn around in, hold a small desk and chair, and little else–except books stacked much too precariously. We start where we are — all we can do anyway. Blessings.

  3. Oh, yes, start where we are. I just realized that where we currently are had some extreme challenges for me to write in. It’s a good home, but it was oppressive for trying to write fiction. When the house next door became available, along with the opportunity to heal that land and establish a firm anchor of healed land in this abused spot of Earth, I took the opportunity.

    It’s not as exotic as it sounds, LOL! 🙂 I use the rest of the house next door for business — larger classroom space, room for community events and housing out of town students. I just claimed the third bedroom as my writing office, because I know some things want out, and for a variety of reasons, they won’t come out in our current home. I think Virginia Woolf had it right about “A Room of One’s Own.” 🙂

    Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your writing! Best of luck to you!

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