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This unretouched image of trees and sky, courtesy of Druid Debbie Brodeur, was taken from a moving car.  How much glory lies just behind the “ordinary.”  Our eyes insist there’s “nothing new,” while all the time endless wonders dance past us.  It’s possible to remember to “look again,” to re-vision things, even a few more times a day.  Small steps, to see the world new again.


2 responses to “Re-vision

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  1. Reminds me of the three ways of seeing, which I learned about at an Earth Spirit gathering. Way 1: Seeing with your eyes open. Way 2: Seeing with your eyes shut. Way 3: Seeing with your eyes neither open nor shut.

  2. Hi Willowcrow, thanks for your comment. I love the three ways of seeing, Druids being obsessive about threes … The “eyes neither open nor shut” feels like what I was going for — sometimes it’s that semi-trance state we can enter when doing a repetitive activity that frees the mind while a part of it still pays attention, the way of attending without insisting how the message has to arrive, how wisdom or beauty will find us. Early in my life I was told rather severely, “Those who wish to learn must be ready to learn in whatever way they may be taught.” While that hasn’t always been necessary for me at least, I’ve been grateful for the lesson on more than one occasion. — ADW

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