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Tree and Road   Leave a comment

willowtreeHere’s one of my favorite trees, a tall willow behind our house, on a rather cloudy day yesterday.  The tree suffered winter storm damage a few years ago — an almost horizontal branch cracked, broke and fell into the snow — but it’s beautiful still.


And here’s the road up the hill behind the willow.  The end curves away out of sight (at least until the leaves drop).  A metaphor for the paths we’re all on?  Sure.  And it’s also — and first — a road.  I’ll update the pictures as the changes come.


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A Blessing   Leave a comment

I open this blog with an old Druid blessing, in language that could also be comfortably Christian:

“May the blessing of the Uncreated One, of the Created Word and of the Spirit that is the Inspirer be always with us. May the world be filled with harmony and Light.”


Celtic Cross

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